Individual Psychotherapy

Here is what I know: Life is beautiful and life is messy. Life is joyful and life is painful. There is not a linear trajectory. Life may be going along swimmingly, and then seemingly out of nowhere something can change in an instant and send one on a completely different course. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid these unpleasant truths? Unfortunately, the ways we attempt to avoid suffering usually create more of the very problems we were trying to ignore.

The ultimate goal in my work is to support your ability to navigate the winding road of life and relationships with resilience and response, rather than automatic reactivity, shaped from past experiences. This gives you control of your life and relationships, rather than feeling the victim of life’s circumstances.

I primarily work from an Attachment and Psychodynamic theoretical approach in order to guide you in exploring the origins of your patterns of interpersonal and intrapersonal interaction, to see clearly what has been hurt and what needs to heal. I employ Mindfulness based CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) and Strength Based treatment to give you real, practical tools you can use to change perceptions and navigate life’s challenges with authenticity and confidence. I will also help you explore connections between your emotional stress and illness or disease in your physical state, and together we will work to resolve and heal these areas of suffering.

I strive for my work to be culturally sensitive and inclusive.


  • Codependency
  • Cultivating Vulnerability
  • Coping Skills
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting related stress
  • Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Women’s Issues

Couples Therapy

Couples and families in distress can benefit from EFT and learn to improve their relationships. Often, clients are dealing with anger, fear, loss of trust, or sense of betrayal in their relationship. EFT has also been proven effective for couples who are having trouble coping with their own illness or that of a child. In addition to helping the distressed relationship, EFT can also help reduce individual symptoms of depression or trauma.

An EFT therapist observes the dynamics between clients in the therapy setting, ties this behavior to the dynamics in their home lives, and helps direct new conversations and interactions based on more honest feelings. To accomplish this, your therapist will encourage you to look at your current emotional issues and then help you discover feelings and emotions that you may not realize you have. You may discover deeper past feelings and vulnerabilities that are blocked by the more immediate emotions you display in your current relationship.

You will learn to express these emotions in a way that will help you connect, rather than disconnect with your partner or family member. You will learn new ways to listen and stay attuned to another’s emotions and discover more productive ways to respond to emotional situations. (From Psychology Today)

Specialized Therapy Related to Parenting an Exceptional Child

Raising any child is generally an adventure into the unknown. But for a parent of a child with a disability, special needs, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health concerns, the uniquely joyful adventure can also frequently become quite tumultuous.

Are you a parent of an excpetional child? Then I certainly don’t have to tell you, there is a lot to navigate: for many this means medical concerns and daily medical care, with frequent trips to the hospital and specialists; therapies and determining which treatments are the right fit; in some cases finding the right diagnosis; fighting for fair treatment and support for your child in the “system” and schools; fears for the future and wondering how the world will treat your child as they grow older; the excessive worry about the many things out of your control that are very challenging not to let consume you. It is a rare and beautiful gift to have an exceptional child, but it is also alright to admit that the stress of his/her care can be overwhelming at times, to say the least.

 This is a space for YOU, as a parent or couple. My specialty is not working with the child, although at times we may meet as a family.  This is for YOUR own support, something which is likely quite neglected.

 Inspired by the work of Dr. Rita Eichenstein, through individual AND/OR couples sessions, we may work through the stages of grief and how they may show up in your life surrounding parenting your child: Denial, Anger and Blame, Bargaining and Seeking Solutions, Depression, and Active Acceptance.
Special attention is given to addressing stress, anxiety, and depression that surrounds the very specific issues of parenting an exceptional child, so that you can reconnect to yourself, your partner, and become an even stronger source of support for your child and family. You will find our sessions instill a renewed, resilient more centered sense of self.

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