Parenting at best is a delightfully challenging role that can take one to the height of joy and to the very edge of sanity within the span of one day (or hour)!

For parents, guardians, and caregivers of a family member or members with special needs, these emotional extremes are often even more drastic.

Let therapy be a place where self-care is once again prioritized, and relationships are brought back into focus.

Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

Couple Disagreement About Treatment for Your Child:  After navigating multiple opinions from various specialists, you discover that you and your partner aren’t on the same page about a course of action for treatment. Your relationship is already strained from the daily stresses of caring for your child. You both feel stuck, frustrated, scared and overwhelmed.

Counseling can help. I will be your guide, helping you and your partner reconnect and bolster your “team”. In our work together, I’ll provide practical, research driven techniques to build and sustain healthy communication. You will also learn to recognize your own emotional needs, as well as your partner’s, which will ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of one another.


Feeling Lonely, Isolated, Disconnected From Other Parents:  You love your Mom’s Group, but no one else has a child with special needs. You find yourself crying after play dates, seeing a greater gap between the children’s milestones. Sometimes it is hard to relate, or maybe even painful, to hear about the typical development of your friends’ kids. You feel alone in your mothering journey with a special child.

Counseling can help.  I provide a safe space to explore and normalize your experience. I work with a grief model of parenting a child with special needs, recognizing we will cycle through many different emotional states at any given time on the parenting journey. I also offer group therapy for parents of special children to build community with others who “get it”.


Overwhelmed With Balancing Needs of Multiple Children: Doctor waiting rooms, therapists in your home, and driving to and from therapy appointments are the main activities of your family’s life. Your exceptional child needs a lot of your time, assistance, and focus, and you feel guilty about not having enough energy for your other children. You worry about how create a full and rich childhood for all your children, with plenty of fun and educational KID experiences.

Counseling can help. Family sessions can offer a special opportunity for every family member’s voice to be heard, even those that are non-verbal! I assist in developing healthy communication between family members. Working together, a family can determine priorities and create practical plans for every individual member to participate towards what is important for every member and the whole. Family therapy helps nurture family bonds, builds emotional intelligence, and provides practical tools that support the family now and in the future.


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Hi, I’m Leah! I understand the unique stresses of parenting a special child, not only from a professional standpoint but from a personal one as well. I am a mother of two children, and my eldest is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Cabezas Syndrome, which causes global developmental delays, intellectual disability, and verbal communication limitations. I myself have been on the rollercoaster of emotions that anyone parenting a child with special needs experiences, as well as seeing the unique challenges it puts on a relationship. At the same time, my son has been an absolute gift in my life, teaching me to appreciate simple joys, patience, strength, how to slow down, and perspective that I never would have realized without his beautiful presence.

This perspective allows for me to access a  deeper understanding for my client’s experiences from a standpoint of one who has been through it, utilizing therapeutic techniques to reach and tap into the places of strength and heal grief.


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